When extreme winter cold sneaks into our home and scales down the indoor temperature, the fireplace comes to our rescue. If you want to buy an elegant fireplace to fulfill cozy, warm ambiance and home décor needs in winter, we bring Hampton Bay as your destination.

Hampton Bay has a huge collection of beautifully designed fireplaces, which are the biggest boon for winters. All articles in this incredible collection are equipped with advanced technological features and offer a splendid blend of aesthetic appeal with functionality.

You can mount any compact Hampton Bay fireplace on the wall like a TV, use it as a spacious TV stand, embellish your space corners with fireplace corner sets, or, above all, use it for your next get-together as a catering tool.

Moreover, Hampton Bay supplies exclusively designed instructional handouts along with all its fireplace product packages to help its valued customers stay on track with their DIY maintenance journey. 

In today’s blog post, we will take you on a journey whose destination is a warm and amber ambiance. We will puzzle out the various electric fireplace elements. We will explore the procedure for troubleshooting common issues with Hampton Bay Fireplace. Finally, we will dig deep into the details of famous Hampton Bay Fireplace models. So, grab a notebook and a pen and prepare to take some notes.

Hampton Bay Electric Fireplace Overview


Hampton Bay Electric Fireplaces is the new trendy Hampton Bay product on the block that has become a major attraction for Americans. This item supports green technology by generating a subtle and soft flickering ambiance with mirrors and LEDs, a procedure known as flame effect. There is no concept of real fire in these electric units, and the various design options of the article can go well with any interior setup. Impressive! Isn’t it?

Some popular design options in the fireplace category include Mantel, Insert, and Freestanding. Additionally, the fireplace does not emit unpleasant gas, and the unit is simple to self-install.

However, like they say, nothing is perfect. This article does not work well in spacious rooms, and you should search for a better heating option for your huge halls.

Electric Fireplace Logs: 

 Hampton Bay’s electric fireplace logs are a top-notch choice for a green and practical flame effect that looks even better than the real flame. These logs generate brilliant light results with LED features. Besides, you can ignite your inner interior decorator and customize the fireplace the way you want. The choice is all yours. So, go ahead and decorate yours.

Owner’s Manual: 

Instructional guides come along with your fireplace package. These handouts are sectioned into various categories to ease readers’ access to information. In these Hampton Bay instructional guides, you can find information relevant to fireplace assembly, troubleshooting, secure electrical connections, and much more.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacement Parts: 

The availability of well-built replacement parts takes the worry of downtime expenses and escalates fireplace productivity. Hampton Bay has a huge stock of spare parts for almost every product in its collection. The exclusive fireplace replacement parts include a remote, logs, heating stuff, and thermostats. Make sure to check the spare part quality and dimensions before you purchase it.

Fireplace Cover: 

Fireplace Cover is great when it comes to saving your time on daily maintenance and money on service outlays. So, if you have a busy schedule, embrace the power of fabric protection.

Replacement Remote: 

Have you misplaced your Hampton Bay electric fireplace remote? No worries. Hampton Bay has the fix for you. You can plan an assistance chat or call the skilled Hampton Bay team. In the detail category on the Hampton Bay website, you will feed in necessary details like the fireplace serial number and the number of remotes needed.

If you need help finding an appropriate remote for your fireplace, know that the option of consulting the Hampton Bay team is always there. So, go ahead, schedule a call, and let nothing come between you and your warm experience with Hampton Bay fireplace.

Infrared Bulbs and Heating Elements

Infrared bulbs and various other trendy heating elements are fitted in a Hampton Bay fireplace to distribute stable warmth throughout the space. In this section, you will discover different heating systems employed in a Hampton Bay fireplace and their installation procedure. So, let’s get started!

Infrared Bulb Replacement: 

To replace an infrared bulb in your Hampton Bay Fireplace

  • First, you will disconnect the plug from the mains and let the fireplace cool for a while.
  • Next, you will find the access panel and screw it out to uncover the bulb.
  • Then, you will carefully take off the old bulb from the panel with gloved hands. And hey! Don’t use bare hands.
  • Once the old defective bulb is removed, a new bulb is screwed in by the same process as that of bulb removal. However, it is turned clockwise during bulb installation, contrary to the bulb removal process when you rotate it counterclockwise.
  • Finally, you will connect the plug to the socket and flip up the switches to test whether the bulb works.

Tools needed:

Here are a few tools that you will need.

  • Screwdriver
  • A new bulb that conforms with the fireplace model.

Use of manual:

Consider referring to a manual if you need help accessing the panel.

New Infrared Bulb: 

If you want to install an optimal functioning infrared bulb, then instructional guides have your back. You can flip over the manual pages to find a separate section for the infrared bulb. The relevant section will help you find a suitable wattage and category of bulb for the fireplace. Once you have settled on a bulb model, you will place the order online or by visiting the store.

Gas Fireplace Blowers: 

Hampton Bay Gas Fireplace Blowers is one of the basic components of the fireplace that is positioned on the exterior of the fireplace. These blowers generate a stable thermal profile by circulating warm air around your space. One of the praiseworthy features of this component is energy efficiency and trifle heating expense. Moreover, you can adjust the blower position to direct warm air to a definite spot.


  • Variable speeds: It is possible to alter the fireplace heating speed by using speed variation options on the gas fireplace blower.
  • Thermostat integration: you can adjust airflow and temperature according to your ambient temperature.
  • Quiet operation: you can enjoy a warm indoor ambiance with silent fireplace operation.

Hampton Bay Electric Fireplace Components

Suppose you want to assemble a Hampton Bay Electric Fireplace and wonder about its different elements and their features. Then this section of the blog post is just for you. 

Electric Fireplace Heater: 

This article delivers warmth through various heating mechanisms, like infrared bulbs, fan-forced adjustments, and ceramic heating elements. All the heating elements of Hampton Bay electric fireplaces are power-efficient and promptly warm the space. The fan-force setting works with the fusion of infrared radiation and fan-powered assembly that goes well for spacious rooms. Another heating unit is the ceramic plate, which is an excellent choice for stable heating and muted operation.

Fireplace Insert: 

Fireplace inserts are crafted in versatile options to slick up your living room. You can get your hands on your favorite design from your nearest Home Depot outlet. Here are a few available designs for fireplace inserts. 

Traditional Fireplace Insert: 

This design is perfect for adding a hint of comfy winter vibes to your interior with a vintage wood-fire style.

Contemporary Fireplace Insert:

This one has a lustrous glassy finish that is brilliant for bringing all modern elements in your space into the spotlight.

Panoramic Fireplace Insert:

Panoramic Fireplace Insert is a trendy, cool design with brilliant flame views. This design is perfect for spacious rooms and halls. So, get ready to entertain your guests with the impressive Panoramic Fireplace Insert.

Wall-mounted Fireplace Insert:

Wall-mounted options are great for self-installation in cramped spaces. The installation process is as simple as installing a TV on the wall. 

Fireplace TV Stand: 

Fireplace TV stands are the best fix or practical solution to your storage and dinky space issues. They double as impressive TV stands, and this two-in-one feature works wonderfully for enhancing your space aesthetics.

This stand is available in traditional, contemporary, and rustic designs to harmonize with and deck up any indoor space. Besides, you can adjust various items of stuff and decoration pieces on these stands. So, go ahead, order your Hampton Bay Fireplace TV Stand and enjoy the warmth with functionality.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Exercising troubleshooting and fixing minor technical defects at home enhances creative problem-solving. In this section, we will discuss troubleshooting procedures for basic problems in detail. 

Troubleshooting Tips: 

Here’s a list of troubleshooting tips that work wonderfully for Hampton Bay Electric Fireplaces.

Flickering Lights:

Blinking light issues could surface from poor or unstable wiring. So, make sure that the electrical connections in the bulb are stable.

Sometimes, flickering light speaks of some other issue like minimal energy bulbs. In that case, it would be best to install compatible bulbs in its place.

Brief Operation:

Take your time checking ventilation quality.

It would be great if you stay alert to overheating signs and other glitch signals and seek professional assistance immediately. 

Remote Control Issues:

Batteries are used to power remote operations. So, if you experience any trouble with remote control, make sure that you clean and reinsert the batteries.

If the remote does not work after cleaning the batteries, try cleaning the remote sensor or insert new batteries instead of old ones. 

Electric fireplace not Working: 

If your Hampton Bay Electric Fireplace is giving you a hard time, here’s what you need to learn.

Power Supply:

First of all, you should examine the switch outlet, check the switch quality, and check the circuit breaker operation to see if the power supply is stable.

Connection Issues:

Check the wiring and make sure that all the connections are well-built and secured with electronic tape.

Fuse or Circuit Breaker:

It will work best to check the main power panel and readjust or reset all the internal fuse/breakers.

Safety Mechanism:

Be sure to take safety measures in case of overheating, and remember to consult a technician if needed.

Lights Flashing: 

Flickering light issues are common with electric fireplaces, and knowing how to fix them makes the difference. So, let’s learn a few troubleshooting tips together.

Power Cycle:

Most of the time, the flickering light issue is resolved by disconnecting the plug from the socket for 30 seconds and plugging it in after 30-second intervals.

Remote Control Resync:

Another great tip is resyncing the remote with the fireplace by following the manual’s instructions and seeing if the light stabilizes.

Check for Updates:

If the flickering light issue doesn’t go away easily, your last option is to check for online firmware updates.

Short Operation Time: 

There could be many reasons behind an electric fireplace’s short function duration, and this portion covers them all, along with their troubleshooting tips.


Obstructed airflow could be the biggest culprit behind the short operation period. So, make sure that air is well-circulated in your space. Periodic activation of exhaust works best.


Sometimes, overheating slows down the fireplace operation. Be sure to allow the unit to cool down, and remember to check the fireplace elements for impairment.

Safety Mechanism:

If you need more confidence in your troubleshooting abilities and the matter seems complicated, it’s best to hand it over to experts.

Outdoor and Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Let’s explore a few wonderful outdoor options that Hampton Bay has designed for its valued customers. Shall we?

Cast Iron Chiminea:

This model is given a hint of classic style by quality-built cast iron. The basic design of this fireplace has a broad opening with a stylish spark screen for protection. Another spotlight-deserving feature of this product is the durable fire iron that facilitates coal placement in the fireplace to boost a brilliant amber ambiance.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace: 

This article is given a robust finish with a strong steel structure. This product lets you enjoy bonfire parties with remarkable wood storage in a huge firebox and cook delicious juicy steaks on a cooking grate. On top of that, you can find a fire poker and log tongs in this fireplace package. Well, what’s there not to love?

Baker Wood Burning Fireplace:

This adorable, rounded flame box is designed with superior-quality cast iron. This article has a quality-built log rack, ash catcher, fire poker and more. 

Tilson Fireplace: 

Tilson Fireplace is the latest square-shaped fireplace model at the Home Depot store. This article is crafted with a sturdy steel framework. Multiple accessories come in this fireplace package, including a log rack, ash catcher, fire poker, and log tongs. 

Wareham Outdoor Fireplace: 

This grand article has a rigid body that is 1.94m long and assembled with tough steel. The overall appearance is stylish and bears a resemblance to a smart rectangular furnace. This product will offer a sturdy log stand, a sleek ash box, a durable fire poker, log tongs and other accessories. 

Specialized Hampton Bay Fireplaces

Outdoor Cone Chimney: 

If you want to add a unique and stylish heating element to your patio space, then Hampton Bay Outdoor Cone Chimney is your thing. This article is designed with a weather-resilient, sturdy cast iron in conical form that brings a modern touch to your outdoor arrangement. Besides, the product has an advanced smoke dispersion feature that facilitates enhanced heat distribution.

Fireplace Stove with Remote: 

This article is a perfect fusion of classical warmth and advanced technology. You can easily manage and adjust heating options with remote control features anywhere in your home. On top of that, you can experience realistic flame and join hands with this green power.

32-Inch Electric Fireplace TV Console: 

This incredible article can be customized as a TV stand and electric fireplace. You can opt for this option for your 50-inch TV. This electric unit lets you entertain guests with realistic flames and modifiable heat adjustment options. This sleek model has a stylish finish that offers extensive storage space that goes well with every décor. 

Specific Model Instructions & Comparisons

In this section, you will find some model-specific guidelines and comparisons between Hampton Bay and other United States home improvement brands that will help you figure out the answer to “Why Hampton Bay“?

Cedar stone 3-Element Infrared Electric Fireplace: 

Here are a few instructions for Hampton Bay Cedar Stone 3-Element Infrared Electric Fireplace.

Initial Setup:

  • First of all, you will gently unwrap all the fireplace elements from the package and place them carefully on a smooth and level surface.
  • Once all the packaged components are unpacked, you will assemble the elements for fabricating a log set by following the instructions. 
  • The assembled log set is then connected to a functional switch outlet. 


  •  Once the log set switch is plugged in, you will activate it by turning on the buttons or pairing it with a remote. 
  •  After activation, you will adjust the flame effect and heat level from the setting buttons on the remote control.
  • You can also set a timer or adjust temperature control on the fireplace. However, that’s completely optional.

Safety Precautions:

  • Train your kids to maintain a safe distance from the fireplace.
  • Make sure that the space is well-ventilated and the ventilator is cleaned frequently.
  •  Practice all the possible care to avoid moisture contact or water spillage on the fireplace.
  • Disconnect the fireplace switches from the outlet when you go out to save electricity and prevent electrical hazards.

Comparing with Other Brands: 

Now get ready for an interesting competition between Hampton Bay and other renowned United States Home improvement brands like Duraflame. So, let the battle begin. Shall we?

Hampton Bay vs. Duraflame Electric Fireplaces


  • Hampton Bay Fireplace is a complete giant package when it comes to realistic flame features and other trendy technological options.
  • Duraflame offers smart and energy-efficient fireplace designs at a pocket-friendly cost


  •  Hampton Bay electric units are impeccable when it comes to stable heating and the warmth of realistic flames.
  •  Duraflame has a diverse collection of fireplaces with improved energy performance. However, the flames don’t look as realistic as a Hampton Bay electric fireplace. 

Customer Reviews:

  •  Hampton Bay customers have flooded the social media platform with favorable comments and feedback on the fireplace design and performance.
  •  Duraflame has attracted customers with its efficient and compact heating units at affordable prices.

Popular Hampton Bay Fireplace Models 

Let’s explore a few wonderful Hampton Bay Fireplace models that have become the latest craze among customers. 

Blaise Electric Fireplace: 

With its 20-inch infrared quartz electric fireplace log set, this superb product is your ultimate winter partner. The article is equipped with a quality-built power switch, brilliant and long-lasting LED flames, a split oak log set, modifiable light adjustment options, and a durable temperature regulator assembly, and all these elements are cool-to-touch.

Ansley Infrared Electric Fireplace: 

This article is an advanced version of Blaise Electric Fireplace because it has a convenient handheld remote-control option. The product’s basic design includes a sturdy 26-inch infrared, realistic log assembly, a stylish clinker bed, adjustable options for flame effects/colors, and a thermostat. 

Granville Electric Fireplace: 

Granville Electric Fireplace is a trendy, glassy black model designed with a 36-inch broad infrared quartz electric fireplace log set. This unit has options for flame colors, effect control, and a durable thermostat that can be monitored with a remote control.

Crestland Desktop Electric Fireplace: 

This compact article has 13-inch hardware with a realistic log assembly, flame brightness and intensity adjustment settings, and a cool-to-touch main power button.

Parksley Freestanding Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay Parksley Freestanding Fireplace offers a remarkable 31-inch realistic flame display in a classical-style firebox. This article creates a cozy ambiance with a classical hearth design, adjustable flame colors and effects, and a remote-control feature.

Templeton Electric Fireplace:

The majestic Hampton Bay Templeton Electric Fireplace is designed with a 37-inch sturdy frame. This article offers an impressive modish design in a sleek black body. The unit has various flame colors and effects options, a temperature control feature, and a remote control.

Derry Compact Infrared Electric Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay Derry Infrared Electric Fireplace comes in a portable 32-inch frame and stylish white casing. This article is designed with a realistic log assembly, adjustable options for flame brightness and intensity control, and a cool-to-touch power switch.

23 in. Compact Electric Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay 23 Inches Compact Electric Fireplace is a 23-inch portable model fitted with a cool-to-touch power button, realistic log arrangement with LED lights, and settings for flame brightness and effect adjustment. 

Cornerstone Electric Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay Cornerstone Electric Fireplace is a modish model in black casing designed to style up your indoor corners. The unit has a remote-control option, temperature control adjustments, and a setting for flame color and effect modification.

Grandville Electric Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay Grandville Electric Fireplace measures a majestic 36-inch frame. This article is cased in a lustrous black body and comes with flame color and setting adjustment options, a durable thermoregulator, and an easy-to-pair remote control accessory.

1500-Watt 3-Element Infrared Electric Fireplace: 

Hampton Bay 1500-Watt 3-Element Infrared Electric Fireplace has a powerful heating mechanism owing to its huge thermal compartments. This model has settings for flame colors and brightness control, a fully functional thermostat, and a touch of technological advancement with a remote control feature.


Do electric fireplaces have sound?

Yes, an electric fireplace uses different sounds to help create a warm and tranquil indoor space. Usually, the speakers generate crackling sounds that tickle your ear with the sensation of real fire. The flame sound option can be tuned up according to your choice. You can turn on the crackling sound and mute it whenever you like.

Moreover, some fireplaces have a remote-control option to help you manage volume while sitting on a couch. Besides, the audio quality and speaker position depend on the fireplace model. So, don’t stop researching before placing an online order for a fireplace from Hampton Bay. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Hampton Bay for enhanced contentment about article specifications.

Is it hard to install an electric fireplace?

Installation challenges depend on the fireplace model and your DIY expertise. Wall-mount options are simple; the installation procedure is like hanging a TV. You should consider the wall’s durability and see if an electrical connection is needed. Installing a Freestanding electric fireplace can be laborious because the assembling and leveling requires considerable time and effort. You might also want to choose a safe spot for assembling the fireplace and make sure that the fireplace is built away from flammable stuff.

 Insert type of electric fireplace is the trickiest of all the above. Because you will need to adjust the assembled fireplace into an existing fireplace setup, check the fireplace size and other features before ordering one article from the insert category. Besides, you can hire a skilled and professional electrician If any installation step confuses you.

Do all electric fires have fans?

Okay, let me get this out of the way. All electric fans do not necessarily come with a fan. So, if you don’t see one in your package, don’t panic; do a little research on the ordered Hampton Bay electric fire model specification before you rush to the complaint box. Probably, your ordered article has other means for heating, like convection. Mostly, electric fireplaces distribute heat by a fan. The dimensions of the fan assembly determine the heat output and depend on the fireplace capacity. Compact and less spacious electric fires are designed without a fan. However, large electric fireplaces have huge heating systems, many of which are fitted with fans. 

All the Hampton Bay electric fireplaces have fantastic designs and seamless finishes. Before ordering an electric fireplace from Hampton Bay, consider the design and functionality of the product. For a serene outdoor ambiance, choose the fireplace without a fan. And if that’s smooth heating you are after, order an electric fireplace with a fan.

Can you replace the fireplace heater?

Yes, you can replace a fireplace heater on your own. Here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • First, you will disengage the old hearth from the fireplace base using a hammer or chisel. And hey! Be careful because the hearth assembly is heavy.
  • Next, you will set up a leveled subfloor framework. It is best to use noninflammable material for crafting the subfloor layer.
  • Then, you will gently position a new hearth and ensure the surface is smooth.
  • Once a leveled hearth is installed, a new subfloor is fixed on it with screws, nails and adhesives.
  • Finally, you will use caulk to fill in the gaps and edges. And congratulations! You have successfully replaced the fireplace heater. 


Hampton Bay Fireplaces are ideal for defeating freezing winter cold. Hampton Bay has launched multiple electric fireplace models that can boost indoor aesthetics while being easy on your wallet. On top of that, the diversified elements and advanced technological features in electric fireplaces are not provided by any other United States home improvement brand, which makes Hampton Bay stand out amongst its competitors. 

A visit to Hampton Bay’s official website can help you explore the diverse collection of electric fireplaces and find a suitable and optimally functional fireplace for your space. Besides, Hampton Bay supports the development of technical skills in their customers, and that’s why they have designed their instructional guides for every article they launch. This motive has helped Hampton Bay emerge as a customer-centric organization. And the evidence of this is a flood of positive feedback on their social media.

This is your sign to bring supreme quality Hampton Bay Electric fireplace home and let nothing come between you and your warm indoor ambiance in winter.

And there you have it, folks! We hope that you have found this blog post interesting and informative. Have you ever replaced a fireplace heater on your own? How many models of Hampton Bay fireplaces did you know before? Sound off in the comment section and start a conversation. As always, we would love to hear from you!

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