Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets

Did you discover that you need Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets in your new kitchen remodel? You’re not alone! Hampton Bay cabinets are one of the most sought after in the market because of the material used, pocket friendly and elegant designs. Whether you are a person having keen interest in DIY or you need professional help, the ability to understand the installation process, exploring all the design and customization possibilities and to understand on how to access and approach the customer support along-with the reviews of the product are some of the most important things in one’s kitchen remodeling journey and adventure. So, in this blog, we will go over the details of the Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets, using design centers, and extra resource information in order to guarantee a proper kitchen makeover. 

Setting off on the process of purchasing and later establishing your Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets may seem like a rather daunting task but with some guidance, it is not really as difficult as it seems, so let us grab our notes and get right into the process:


Gather Tools: Before you begin with the process, do make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand. You will require a level, a tape measure, drill, screwdriver, a hammer, caulk gun, and safety glasses. This way, all the procedures will be simpler because almost all the components will most probably be ready for installation from this step. 

Prepare Space: Remove any obstacles from the installation area and make sure that the walls are straight; then locate and mark the positions of the wall studs. It is very important for a proper installation of the system to be carried out without hitches. 

And the last step is,

Assemble Cabinets: The procedure for handling internal and external sides, shelves, and drawer tracks has to be followed according to model specific instructions. Special attention should be paid to the specific features of cabinet assembly and the detailed information can be found only in the manual. 

Cabinet Installation: 

Base Cabinets: The process going to begins with the base cabinets. Arrange them properly, where possible, make use of shims to put into a level position and then screw it on the wall studs. It is necessary to guarantee that everything is at level to function efficiently and promote the use of a kitchen. 

Wall Cabinets: Next, the wall cleats that help in hanging the wall cabinets need to be attached. The cabinets need to be anchored to the studs from the inside and have to be level as well as securely bolted. 

Connect Cabinets: To have a smooth surface of the countertop make sure you bolt the adjacent cabinets. Besides making your kitchen look fashionable and tidy, this also offers a structural support to your kitchen layout. 

Drawer and Door Installation: 

Install Slides: Finally attach the drawer slides on both the cabinet as well as the drawers. This step will help in reducing the hitches when using your drawers. 

Mount Fronts: Pull out the drawers and place them properly and secure the drawer front to the boxes. 

Hang Doors: Lay the doors one next to the other so that we can check on their alignment when hinged to the cabinets. 

Finishing Touches: 

Caulk Gaps: You can complete your cabinets by using caulk to seal any seams that you might find on your cabinets. 

Install Hardware: Bolt the pulls, knobs, and any other decorative hardware on as a final stage of putting up. 

Touch Up Paint: If required, one may use a touch up paint to cover up any scratches or marks which might be remaining on your cabinets. 

Additional Resources: 

Watch Videos: For illustration, view Hampton Bay Installation Guide and How to Install Kitchen Cabinets. 

  • Hampton Bay Installation Guide: Link
  • How to Install Kitchen Cabinets: Link

Cabinet Crown Molding Installation: 

Applying crown molding to the Hampton Bay cabinets is also a good idea because it will bring more classy and rich look to broad space of your kitchen. 

Measure and Cut: Cut a piece of molding the length which is required and then the molding has to be cut at an angle of 45 degree for the corner pieces. 

Attach Molding: Spread glue on the back of molding and install it to the intended place and then fix the molding using nails. 

Fill Holes and Caulk: Secure any nails and use wood filler on all the holes then use a caulking tool to seal the seams. 

Countertop and End Panel Installation: 

If you don’t understand what these parts are, don’t worry I’ve got you, countertops and end panels are the portions that can be the last touches to your kitchen remodeling. And when it comes to their installation, you can go through the following points:

Countertop Installation: Countertop installation may prove difficult depending on the type and level of skill required to install them; hence you may require the services of a professional for the job to be done in an impeccable manner. If planning to do it yourself, it will be easier if you opt for pre-cut countertops. 

End Panel Installation: Cut and fit the end panels while also attaching them on the wall, make sure the end panels are properly fitted to the top of the cabinets. 

Quick Assemble Cabinets: 

For the people who do not require a complicated assembling process, and for someone who needs an easy understanding when it comes to cabinets as it seems a tiring process for them, one can order Hampton bay quick-assemble cabinets.  A few benefits I will mention in order to briefly cover them up!

Time Saving: These cabinets are best suited for the do it yourself persons because they do not require minute measurements or detailed put together instruction. 

Cost-Effective: No professional perfect help required makes the project free from labor cost. 

Easy to Modify: Additional features: They are designed with possibility of future changes on the place and division of shelves and drawers that is why those cabinets may become the best variant for many kitchens.

Design and Customization:

If you’re into designing and amping up your kitchen’s look, this is the right blog for it!

Regarding the question of how to change your kitchen’s appearance, Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets include a wide range of design solutions and various customizable functions that provide for widespread trends in peoples’ tastes. Here are some tales and tips that touch upon color schemes, available styles, customers’ feedback, and other essential factors that make Hampton Bay cabinets the worthiest of choice for home improvement projects focused on the kitchen and dining area. 

Kitchen Cabinet Colors or I would like it call it, A Palette for Every Taste 

Hampton Bay has a wide range of colors to meet every kitchen decor in regard to style and hue. The most popular colors include whites that recall the traditional period home, warm colors, modern gray shades, and bold colors that you’ve always wanted. 

Kitchen Cabinets Catalog or Inspiration at Your Fingertips 

Check Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets catalog to find that the list of options is vast, and the company offers everything a customer might desire. Everything ranging from traditional Shaker doors to elaborate raised panels and slimmer flat panel choices, the catalog provides a list of extensive options to complement any kitchen style. 

Kitchen Cabinets Reviews: Insights from Homeowners 

Specifically, the opinions of customers make it possible to get an idea of comfort and quality, design and ergonomics of Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets. Cabinets have been highly recommended by many users due to its indestructibility, simplicity in installation course and elegance in design thus is highly demanded in homes. 

Kitchen Cabinet Sizes: Tailored Fit for Every Kitchen 

Here, Hampton Bay has options for a variety of sizes that can easily be tailored for almost any size of a kitchen. It does not matter if you are in limited space or would like to create a large space, there are base cabinets, and/or wall cabinets that come in heights, width, and even depths. 

Cabinet Design Tool: Visualize Your Dream Kitchen 

Create the perfect kitchen by using Hampton Bay’s cabinet design tool. Take a walk-through various-styles, colors and layout to get desired look that is more in sync with your personality and utility. 

If you’re not convinced already let us dive into some of the additional facts;

Additional Information and Services 

Hampton Bay has a customer service department that’s always available to help with product questions, installation tips and more. The channels of communication include through the phone, email or live chat for ease, you can always contact via their phone number 1-855-HD-Hampton (1-855-434-2678), and in order to get product info, your model number is your secret treasure, you can get any info that you need if you have your model number!

Even though there has been no active cabinet recalls as of 22 Jan 24, but for any update you can always visit the CPSC website or contact the customer service!

Hampton Bay cabinets are also considered affordable cabinets and pricing of these cabinet depends on cabinet type, style of the door, finish, hardware and size of the cabinet. The base cabinet costs from $100-$300, the wall cabinet costs from $50 to $200 offering occasions and economic classes of consumers. But if we talk about the counter tops they can go from anywhere between $25 to $200 if they’re being sold separately!

Cabinet Specifications and Dimensions: Hampton bay base and wall cabinet measurements, such as the heights, widths, and depths for the cabinets are as follows,

  • Base Cabinets:
  • Heights: 18″, 24″, 30″.
  • Widths: 9″-36″.
  • Depths: 12″, 15″, 24″.
  • Wall Cabinets:
    • Heights: 12″, 18″.
    • Widths: 12″-36″.
    • Depths: 12″, 15″.

However, one can visit the company’s website or product manuals to check on the right fit for your kitchen. 

Cabinet Layout Options: Several layouts are usually available and include L-shape, U-shape, the galley and island which enable functionality and great work to be achieved in the limited space provided. An L-shape is perfect for small kitchens while U-shape is perfect for Large Kitchens. A galley is efficient for narrow spaces and if your priority is adding cooking and prepping space you must go for the Island!

Whether you are thinking of the renovation of a small kitchen or the redesign of the entire kitchen Hampton Bay contains those tools and those possibilities needed to create a culinary refuge that you love. 

Maintenance and Adjustments: For maintaining Your Hampton Bay Cabinets in the Best State, it is crucial to care for your Hampton Bay cabinets so that your cabinets can look and work great. 

When it comes to inevitable little cuts and scrapes of Cabinet Touch-Up Paint is worth its weight in gold. Wipe the surface to be painted with a damp cloth and one must use a very thin brush to paint the area. Allow it to dry up well, and polish it a little if you want a very smooth texture. Your cabinets will look as good as new! 

At other times, your cabinets might require a small adjustment. Cabinet Adjustment doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with the help of Hampton Bay’s powerful design. For door hinges, operate a screw driver on the screws to fine tune the doors so that they hang properly and close as intended. Drawer glides can also be fine-tuned for more front and back and more or less tilt. You just do it as the manual shows or you could call customer service if so needed. 

Learning how to deal with removing cabinet doors and drawers is also very essential so as to easily clean or even upgrade. The doors of most Hampton Bay cabinets have a hinge releasing button; if you push the button, lift off the door and that is all. In the case of drawers, locate the release button and when pushed it in, slide the drawer out. Make sure to label all components and take pictures for ease in reorganizing the small items. 

Try making sure you do regularly maintain and handle the cabinets, but obviously, in case of any problem, you can always contact the customer support.

Hampton Bay Cabinet Components and Accessories: Aesthetics & Functioning 

Hampton Bay has various components and accessories that they can provide so that aside from having an elegant kitchen, it will be very efficient as well. 

Cabinet Hinges are also available in various types of designs to fit the specifications that a customer has. Full overlay hinges come to cover the frame of the cabinet completely making its appearance to be more modern while the partial overlay hinges will give the cabinet a more classic appearance. 

If your drawers are in desperate need of attention, you should look into the Cabinet Drawer Replacement Parts. Whether your specific slide is full-extension, self-cleaning, European style or just a plain old soft-close, Hampton Bay has the cabinet components to give your kitchen the modification it needs. What is more, you can also replace drawer fronts in order to update the appearance of your cabinets. 

Kitchen Cabinet Doors are where you can really make a statement!

There are Shaker doors that have a traditional feel to them, and flat panel doors for that sleek and modern look and raised panel doors to give your kitchen that traditional look. Glass doors are useful and look very elegant, and allow you to store your dishware while adding a little glitz to your kitchen. 

Things related to storage are always of significance, and when it comes to Kitchen Cabinet Shelves, this could literally change everything. Shelves can be arranged according to one’s preference, corner units take full advantage of the corners and pull out shelves make accessing to the back item possible with ease. A few types include adjustable, corner or pull out, types for people with different tastes!

For your Cabinet knobs, visit Hampton Bay and look up for their cabinet knobs that would best suit for your cabinets. Now if you like the old-world look of traditional knobs, or the clean lines of modern ones aka the contemporary knobs or even the shabby chic look, rustic knobs; you are spoilt for choice. 

The last cabinet component to be discussed is Cabinet Inserts. Spice racks, pot and pan dividers and lazy susans are known to make work easier and order when it comes to kitchen activities.

In one-liner, spice racks usually help with keeping all your spices super accessible, pot and pan dividers makes your organizational skills efficient while the lazy susans make your rotating shelves of easy access and maximize your crucial corner spaces!

Elevate Your Kitchen Experience:

Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting under the cabinet is an innovation for any kitchen as it improves the utility of the kitchen as well as beautifies it. By pointing the light downwards, it reduces formation of shadows from other overhead sources of light; making things such as food preparation or even washing the countertops easier. Besides, it serves as common decoration that makes the surrounding warm and cozy and adds the note of modernity to the room. 

Under cabinet Puck Lights by Hampton Bay

Here is one of the best-selling under cabinet puck lights manufactured by Hampton Bay; these lights are rather small and can easily fit narrow spaces. These are operable lights which mean that you can be able to direct the light in the areas that you desire. These may be controlled for brightness whenever is needed and they use less energy to give bright light via LED lights!

Shuttering for Getting Good Finish at Inner Side of the Cabinet

To some extent, it can be mentioned that cabinet fillers can also contribute to creating a sophisticated look of the kitchens significantly. Shelves are used to conceal and give an organised appearance to places, and can be used to cover outlets or create storage space. Besides, they shield walls from any accidents such as spilling of Sauces or any other thing guaranteeing you a clean kitchen. 

To achieve a beautiful kitchen and to make it efficient, proper lighting and cabinet fillers should be installed. If you have any questions regarding Hampton Bay and its different varieties you want to ask, again, do not hesitate to do so. 

Specific Features of Hampton Bay Cabinets 

Frameless Cabinets

Hampton Bay has designed the cabinets in frameless styles and models for better storage as the models occupy the full interior depth, and the line looks minimalistic. Half-height doors give full access to the drawers and are slightly lighter because of the lack of frame and therefore can be a real triumph of design for the modern kitchen, but they might require precise installations and it is not the greatest for heavy appliances.

Thermal Foil Cabinets

Hampton bay’s thermal foil cabinets have elegant and authentic grain effects, they are also very easy to clean and have high scratch, stain, and moisture resistance. Organization of these cabinets is easy and they are affordable yet aesthetically pleasing.

Plywood Cabinets

Due to the superior quality of Hampton Bay’s construction material, that is, plywood, these cabinets do not warp or sag in the middle. It has a slick surface that can be easily painted and normally they come with option for customization of color while sometimes being sourced from the natural environments. They promise to offer superior quality but at a higher cost.

When selecting your cabinetry remember to factor into consideration your organizational requirements, aesthetical sense, and ultimate use of the items that will be stored in the cabinets. To get the most suitable advice concerning Hampton equipment one can go to the Web site of the company, or address a specialist – a kitchen designer.

Relation to Other Cabinet Manufacturers

I feel like whilst making a decision one needs to fully be sure that the product they’re choosing is better than the others, to save you from the hassle of comparing our product with other companies, I’ve done it for you!

The factors that will be compared for the two companies are the number of years in business, headquarters location, and products offered.

Hampton Bay and Arcadia both have different models to choose from. Arcadia is said to have added extras for an extra cost and is considered to have better built in features while Hampton Bay is comparatively cheaper and has more contemporary feel.

Hampton bay and IKEA are two companies that specializes in the production of cabinets that are commonly used in homes and offices.

Purchased from IKEA are cabinets that are relatively cheap and are sold assembled, moreover IKEA provides more accessories and the majority of models are modern. Hampton Bay offers more choices of door designs, and the product is made from higher quality material such as plywood and MDF as opposed to IKEA’s particle board.

Hampton Bay and Diamond Now Cabinets

Lowe’s has both brands and both are of similar designs. Diamond Now contains a wider array of pre-assembled items and comparatively heavier shelves, so, it is almost stronger. However, Hampton Bay is slightly cheaper and is still a higher quality brand for a lower price.

Hampton Bay Vs. Thomasville Cabinets

Thomasville is a premier furniture line with better quality and adds more custom options hence costly. Hampton Bay meanwhile may not be at par with the most expensive brands but it is also a brand with good quality and decent number of standard features for a cheaper price.

Factors that are of importance when deciding include your needs and means. If it is essential to focus on the features of customizability and top-quality, then the brands such as Arcadia and Thomasville can be considered. Thus, affordable and various in choice Hampton bay and IKEA can be recommended. It must always be remembered or be advised that prior to any purchase, one must always read, compare, and consult a professional about the feature in question to arrive at the best option for their kitchen.

FAQs About Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets 

If you are wondering what kind of stain matches with the medium oak hampton bay kitchen cabinets, then the answer lies in the following points,

When choosing a paint color for painting your medium oak cabinets, determine if they have warm undertones which include yellow, orange, red or cool undertone that includes gray, green or blue. Collect samples from Home Depot, put them at places that are inconspicuous and then wash, rinse and compare under different forms of light. If it is extremely important that the tiles are matched perfectly and such a problem arises, it is advised that a professional does the finishing in order to avoid any blaring mistakes. 

A second usually often asked question is who makes the Hampton Bay Cabinets?

Hampton Bay Designer Series are readymade cabinets and these products are manufactured by American Woodmark Corporation which is of comparatively higher quality. Affordable Hampton Bay cabinets are produced with the help of manufacturers cooperating with Home Depot. To know the manufacturer, look for the label on the cabinet, go through the descriptions of the products at the Home Depot, or call the organization to ask the personnel. 

Who Sells these Hampton Bay Cabinets?

All Hampton Bay cabinets are home depot retail exclusive products. The home depot is a private label brand that controls all the production, supply and even sale of the products to meet the price sensitive homes’ owners. 

How To Measure Hampton Bay Shaker Corner Wall Kitchen Cabinet?

Try to determine your particular cabinet model and consult with the manual, in which you will find the measurements. Take down the overall dimensions of the cabinet including the height, width and the depth along the diagonal. I repeat, when using this format, do not forget to include height of doors, width of doors and the depth of the shelves. The tool of measurement should be a straight measuring tape and then round off to the nearby 1/8 of an inch whenever possible. 

Are The Handles Holes Pre Drilled On Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets? 

Concerning the screw holes, some cabinet lines will have screw holes pre-drilled whereas others will not especially the modern cabinet lines. You can check with the store or from the product specifications which are usually written in the pack, or you can call Hampton Bay customer service. If the holes are not already drilled you can have it done yourself with a template if not you can have a specialist that installs it correctly. 

How To Install Hampton Bay Lazy Susan Cabinet?

Tidy your working area and check that the floor is flat.  Follow Instructions or take help via online tutorials in putting together the cabinet. First, place and level the base cabinet; then anchor it to the floor, and finally install the Lazy Susan system. Fix the doors and drawers and ensure that they are leveled and rotate in the correct manner, then put the decorative hardware. Specific instructions are available on the Hampton Bay website, through the company representatives, and online video clips.

How Do I Properly Install Hampton Bay Cabinets?

Ensure you have your tools ready and make sure your marks are on where the studs are to be fixed. Hanging points on the cabinets must be aligned on the wall and properly marked. It is important to drill pilot holes, install wall anchors, and screw the cabinets into the wall. Align the bar to a level and adjust if needed. It is recommended to work with a partner when it comes to this activity and always follow safety measures but also we can always trust our trusty old DIY videos!

Is It Possible to Paint Hampton Bay Cabinets?

Yes, it is possible to paint the Hampton Bay cabinets if the need arises. Take out hardware, doors, and drawers, scrub or wipe surfaces, and scuff-sand for a bond to stick. Water based acrylic latex paint should be used, the surface should be primed and the paint should be applied by using a brush and a roller and should be sanded after each coat has dried. After this, you should put the cabinets back together and let the paint dry for at least 72 hours before using the cabinets again.

Is Hampton Bay Cabinet High Quality?

Hampton Bay cabinets are relatively inexpensive and are available in a range of styles. These are made from plywood or MDF which offers reasonable sturdiness to the structure. They offer a limited warranty and range from classic to modern, covering everyone’s styles! 

They may lack some quality of high-end brands, but they are perfect for any homeowner with a small budget. Be prepared for assembly challenges and low customization. In making the decision, customer reviews and comparisons are beneficial.

You can always check up some reviews and feature comparisons, in order to help you decide.

Are Hampton Bay Cabinets Laminate?

Hampton Bay cabinets are available in thermofoil laminate, MDF, plywood, and solid wood. Thermofoil laminate looks like wood and is fairly inexpensive and very low maintenance. Plywood is stronger than MDF and has a good surface finish for painting and varnishing. It is carved out of solid wood which makes it even more beautiful and is very durable.

In order to get any info regarding product description you can always contact the home depot staff, there is a lot of online guides aswell!

And Lastly….

What Are Hampton Bay Cabinets Made Of? 

Hampton Bay Cabinets are customer friendly in the sense they are made from different types of material, depending on the customer’s capability in spending. The main cabinet boxes can be Thermofoil Laminate which is cheap, looks like wood grain, easy to clean, MDF which is smooth, with decent strength and relatively cheap, Plywood – it is strong, steady and for heavy usage, Solid Wood it is a bit costly but has a premium look and is long-lasting. For doors and drawer fronts you can select the type of Solid Wood which is natural looking and available in various finishes, MDF with Laminate or Paint which is cost effective and customized or Thermofoil which is inexpensive, easily washable but slightly less durable. Both materials have qualities that make them ideal for kitchen designs; therefore, you can easily locate the most suitable one.


Hampton Bay kitchen cabinet is one of the most popular brands today for homeowners as its products are affordable as well as stylish coming in different designs, colors, and sizes, and made of different material types as well. No matter if you’re moving into a new home, building your dream kitchen or improving the existing one, Hampton Bay is there for you with tools and tips to get the job done. It’s a simple win-win; research your choices, have fun selecting the ideas you like, and create a stunning and fit utility – the kitchen! 

Happy Buying!

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