Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans can easily be hooked up with a wall-mounted remote control to enhance your comfort. This innovative idea is a major attraction among customers as they can conveniently control the fan speed and adjust the lighting according to their needs without leaving comfort for reaching the pull chains or the wall outlet switches. If you have bought a new Hampton Bay remote control and don’t know where to start, then the manual that comes along with it is your way to go. Hampton Bay Remote Control instructional guides include content about programming, troubleshooting tips, and applicable accessories related to Hampton Bay ceiling fan remotes. So, grab a relevant manual and get ready to experiment with your Hampton Bay remote control.

In this blog post, we will learn about the Hampton Bay Remote Control varieties. We will look through some common troubleshooting issues and their solution. We will also touch on compatible options. And finally, we will explore some of the latest attractive features and accessories. So, are you ready to learn all that? Here we go!

Understanding Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls 

On a day-to-day basis, we use various appliances with a remote-control option. And we see how convenient it makes the unit’s operation process. The remote control is a complete package that offers access to all the operations and features, rather than the fan wall switches that are difficult to remember and get damaged after frequent usage. Hampton Bay remote controls have various features that comfort the lives of individuals with disabled legs, physical difficulties, new moms, and pet parents. On top of that, Hampton Bay Remote Control is convenient for controlling multiple fans at a time. Well, what’s there not to love?


 Let’s first learn how to program your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote control for managing fan operations.

  • First, you will turn off the power supply by flipping the switches on the main power panel.
  • Then, you will take off the remote cover and place it aside carefully.
  • Next, you will adjust the DIP switches to synchronize the electronic inputs with the fan’s receiver.
  • After that, you will replace the remote cover.
  • Finally, you will turn on the power supply from the distribution board, and there you have it. Your Hampton Bay Fan is ready to rock on, receiving signals from the remote.

Battery Replacement

Replacing batteries in your Hampton Bay Remote Control is a piece of cake as you must follow a few basic steps.

  • First, you will remove the cover from the base of the remote.
  • Next, you will take out the old batteries and install new batteries of the same model in the remote.
  • Then, you will replace the cover and ensure it is done properly.
  • Finally, you will turn on the power supply from the wall switch outlet and test if the fan works.

Remote Control Models

Now, look at a few trendy Hampton Bay remote-control models and their features. Shall we? The first one we have on the list is: 

9T Model

It is one of the simplest and most easily programmable fan models with fan speed adjustment and lighting control options. This model was available even before 2010.

CHQ7096T Model

This is an advanced version of the 9T model and has been around since 2010. In this model, you will explore options for fan speed variation, lightning adjustment and reversing the blade orientations for warm air in winter.

E75795 YL Model

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together as we bring you E75795 YL, which works well with other huge brand fans. That’s why we call it the “universal model”.

Universal Wall Mount 191-707

If you have kids or pets at Home, this one is definitely for you. Wall Mount 191-707, as the name suggests, can easily be adjusted in a wall bracket and offers wall-mounted monitoring options for various other models.

Ceiling Fan Remote G9P2BTAUC7052T

This is a perfect switch for the UC7052T models. As you can find, all the features of UC7052T models in G9P2BTAUC7052T.

Model UC7030T

Are you looking for an advanced control option for controlling your Hampton Bay fan? Then UC7030T should be on your Wishlist.

Remote Control CCB61

You can get your hands on the CCB61 model for controlling fan speed and other operations in a trendy way.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Just like our bodies need treatment for recovery and improvement, machinery needs troubleshooting to identify the problem and wipe it out for enhanced performance. A basic knowledge of troubleshooting mechanical defects can be very effective in toning down a technical fault as soon as it crops up. In this section, we will look at some general fan issues and their effective troubleshooting tips.  

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Remote Light Dimmer Issue:
  • First, you will check if the batteries are functional or not.
  • Then, you will remove the batteries, press down and hold the “Reset” button on the remote for thirty seconds.
  • Finally. You will try to reprogram the remote by using instructions in the manual.
Faulty receiver:
  • In case of fixing a faulty receiver, your best bet is to contact Hampton Bay Customer Support for guidance.
Remote Doesn’t Turn on Light:
  • First, you will take out the batteries and check if they are operational.
  • Then, you will press down and hold the reset button on the remote.
  • You will also need to confirm that the bulbs are working.
  • Finally, you will verify whether the wall switch outlet is switched on.
Resetting and Reprogramming: 

Now, let’s explore the options for resetting, reversing, reprograming, and synchronizing a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan remote control to get issues out of the way. 

For resting:
  • To reset a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan remote control, you will first carefully take off the batteries from the remote.
  • Then, you will push down and hold the “Program” button for approximately 10 seconds with the batteries out. 
  • Once you release the “Program” button, you will replace the batteries with new ones.
For Reprograming:
  • For a successful Hampton Bay remote control reprogramming, you must follow the instructions on a Hampton Bay remote instructional handout.

Receiver and Dip Switch Settings: 

DIP switches are important components in handheld remote controls for preventing electrical signal distortions and promoting accidental management. So, it is important to ensure the DIP switch radiofrequency synchronizes between the remote and the receiver.

Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote Control: 

Now we are diving into the details of programming and troubleshooting a Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Fan Remote Control.

Programming Steps:

  • First thing first, you will switch off the circuit breakers and other switches on the main distribution board to ensure your safety.
  • Then, you will adjust the receiver’s dip switch setting that is most appropriate for fan operations.
  • Next, you will push down and hold the “Program” button on the remote for five seconds.
  • Afterward, you will carefully press the speed button on the fan.
  • Finally, you will release the fan speed button and test it.


  • To effectively troubleshoot your Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote Control, you should first match the radio frequencies between a series of switches in a DIP switch.
  • Then, you will reset or reprogram the remote by following the previous instructions. And hey! Make sure that you hold the buttons for the proper duration.
  • If you find any troubleshooting step confusing and want to reassure you before implementation, then it’s best to contact Hampton Bay Support for guidance.

Codes for Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote:

If you have ever consulted a Hampton Bay remote control manual, you must have noticed a few numbers written right next to the name of the model. These numbers are called codes and are used for categorizing the model. Now, let’s learn about some important codes for Hampton Bay Universal 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Remotes.

  • Hampton Bay: The usual codes for your Hampton Bay remote are 001, 002, and 003.
  • Hunter: Hunter remote controls are usually coded as 382, 551, and 553.
  • Casablanca: You can find Casablanca remotes in 001, 010, and 011 coding.
  • Minka-Aire: Minka-Aire remote codes are 001, 002, and 003.
  • Craftmade: Craftmade remote comes in 001, 002, and 003 codes.

Replacement and Compatibility

Sometimes, you may encounter product shortages at the Home Depot store, or you may want to upgrade your fan remote to the latest style. In both cases, you must select the most appropriate remote alternative that works well without compromising fan performance. If you need help with your Hampton Bay Remote control replacement, know you are in the right place. After going through this section, you can select a suitable and compatible Hampton Bay remote.

Find Replacement:

  • To find the perfect remote-control alternative for your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan model, you will first note down the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan catalog number.
  • Then, you will type in the product article number in the search section of the Hampton Bay website, or you can visit a store.
  • You will check the model specifications and consider their relevance with the ceiling fan.
  • You should also match the fan speed and light adjustment options with the remote control before buying it.


Some of the U.S huge names for home electronics like Craftmade, Casablanca, Minka-Aire, Westinghouse, and Harbor Breeze are conformable with Hampton Bay products. So, you can easily select from these options if you can’t find any appropriate ceiling fan remote from your nearest Hampton Bay outlet. However, make sure that you consult the Hampton Bay Manual before making a choice. The best of all is that you can operate any remote version of the previously mentioned compatible brands by using the Hampton Bay Manual’s instructions.


In this section, we will explore the accurate and safe method for establishing electrical connections and installing a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan that operates with a remote control. So, let’s dig into it. Shall we?

  • First, you will turn off the power supply by flipping the switches in a turned-off position on the power distribution board.
  • Then comes the part of making electrical connections. You will carefully sort the fan wires. Usually, these are black (hot), white (neutral), and green (ground).
  • Next, you will securely connect the fan wires to the wires in the housing cap and wrap them in electronic tape. Black fan wires are connected with the black housing wires, white ones with white, and green to green.
  • Then, you will firmly affix the fan receiver, usually a small box, to the fan wires. And make sure to do it securely.
  • Once the fan receiver is connected with wires, you will carefully screw the receiver to the roof.
  •  Then, you will lift the ceiling fan to the roof and install it carefully. 
  • Afterward, you will hook the fan’s receiver to the remote control.
  • Finally, you will verify the fan’s functions by turning on the power supply and testing the remote control.

Instructions and Manuals

Hampton Bay is committed to easing its customer technical troubleshooting journey and enhancing its technical expertise to promote DIY maintenance. To achieve this goal, Hampton Bay has designed its various product instructional handouts. These Manuals come along with the product packaging and are also accessible from the website. 

Now, let’s explore how to download the manual from the website.

To download from the Hampton Bay website:

  •  To download a Hampton Bay guide from the website, you will first visit the official Hampton Bay website.
  •  Once the site link is displayed, click the “Support” option.
  • Then, you will scroll down and tap on the “Product Manuals” category in the drop-down menu.
  •  A new page will be displayed; on that page, you will enter the remote model number and click the “Download” button.

To download from the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan App:

  • First, you will open the Hampton Bay ceiling fan app on your mobile screens.
  • Then, you will hit the three lines tab “Menu” on the sidebar.
  • Next, you will scroll down to tap the “Support” option.
  • A new page will be opened; on that page, you will click on the “Product Manuals” category.
  • Finally, you will enter your remote article number and hit the download button.
  • And Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded your Hampton Bay remote manual.

If manual not found:

  • You can schedule a call with Hampton Bay support and describe your issue in detail. You can also request them to send a digital copy of the instructional handout.
  •  Reading from an e-book is not convenient for everyone, and if that’s the case, you can also consider visiting your nearest Home Depot store and buying it from there.
  • Make sure that you carefully check the product box for a manual.


  • Make sure that you keep the manual safe for future reference.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance tips can skyrocket the unit’s performance. So, make it a routine.

Advanced Features and Accessories

This section explores some amazing features or applicable accessories for your Hampton Bay remote. So, without any further ado, let’s jump in.

Thermostatic Remote Controls:

The word “thermostatic” may sound complicated. However, it’s another remote for your Hampton Bay fans with temperature control features. It has the autonomous feature of switching the fan on and off and monitoring fan rotational speed variance. Above all, you can also access the light control features and activate the timer for automatic light intensity management.

Troubleshooting for Thermostatic Remote:

 In case of a defective thermostatic remote, you will first verify the battery’s performance. Next, you will access the DIP performance and ensure the electronic fields don’t intermingle. You might also want to remove the temperature sensor and reinstall it after cleaning it.

Wall Mount Remote Controls:

Wall Mount Remote Controls is one of the beloved and widely sold products at Home Depot stores as it enables you to adjust the fan speed from anywhere. Other praiseworthy features are lighting control, timer setting options, and, above all, compatibility with different brand fans.

Wireless and LCD Remotes:

Now, this is something that you have least expected to hear, but that’s true, folks! LCD remotes are one of the grand versions of Hampton Bay remotes that display information on its LCD. 

Hidden Camera Remote:

Hey! Do you plan to spy on your homies? Well, we have something for you. It’s the Hampton Bay hidden camera remote. This remote has an incredible feature of detecting movements and recording them when the recording feature is activated. And you know what the best part is? You can access all the recordings on your phone or computer. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Troubleshooting for All Remotes:

If you are looking for some effective troubleshooting tips, then know the Hampton Bay remote manual is your best friend. So, grab a manual and get ready for some research.


1. Can you Hook Up Hampton Bay Remotes to Google Home?

Yes, you can link your Hampton Bay Remotes to Google Homes by ensuring congruity or using SmartThings Hub if available. You can also download smart access options to the Google Home app. And if you want to do something advanced like the audio control commands, my friends, you are more than welcome to do that.

2. How to reverse the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan with a Remote?

Winters are approaching, and you are probably exploring your advanced Hampton Ceiling Fan feature. To keep your home warm and cozy in winter, you can switch the Ceiling fan rotation direction by pressing the “Reverse” button on the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan remote.

3. Are Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes Rf?

Yes, your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans operate on radiofrequency. The typical frequency range lies between 303.9 to 304MHz. So, you should explore all the options of remotes and see what works best for you. You can also consult the Hampton Bay team members for the most applicable options.

4. Will Smart Things Pair with Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan Remote Control?

Yes, you can hook up any smart things or gadgets with your Hampton Bay Zigbee remote. The pairing process is simple and requires following a few basic steps. Following these pairing steps accurately can produce efficient fan operations with a click.

5. How Long Do Hampton Bay Fan Remotes Typically Last?

Hampton Bay Remote control units have an incredible longevity of about several years. However, if used efficiently, the lifespan and performance can be boosted.

6. How to wire a Hampton Bay Receiver With two wall Switches and a Remote?

A Hampton Bay Receiver can be wired with two wall switches and a remote by following the instructions below.

  • First, you will turn off all the trip switches from the power distribution panel.
  • Then, you will carefully follow the receiver’s guidelines. 
  • Next, you will turn on the previously disconnected power.
  • Finally, you will test the fan by controlling its functions with the remote.

7. How to Install Hampton Bay Universal Thermostatic Remote?

Hampton Bay Universal Thermostatic Remote is an innovative tool that helps you monitor and adjust the fan speed and lighting. You will need to follow the following steps for installing a thermostatic remote.

  • First, you will take out the exhaust batteries from the remote.
  • Then, you will fit the new remote on the wall.
  • Next comes the task of setting up the batteries in the thermostatic remote carefully.
  • Finally, you will program the remote according to the thermostat remote instructional handout.


Linking your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans with remote-commanded options or SmartThings is not only a trendy thing to do but also brings comfort to disabled individuals, new mommies, and pet owners. Hampton Bay has introduced various remote models to offer you a huge range of options to explore and find the appropriate one. On top of that, the Hampton Bay instructional manuals have your back whether the issue is related to troubleshooting tips, remote selection, remote pairing with the ceiling fan, maintenance tips, remote longevity and much more. Your best bet is to explore all the innovative features and applicable accessories and begin this convenient journey of remote-controlled refreshing airflow immediately. No Excuses!

And there you have it, folks! Hampton Bay Remote Control Troubleshooting. We hope that you enjoyed learning the different features of the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote with us. Are you planning to hook up one of your ceiling fans with a Hampton Bay remote? How has this blog post helped you? Sound off in the comment section and get the conversation going. As always, we would love to hear from you.

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